Embers and Elders

Embers and Elders

At Embers & Elders also known as Ember and Elders, we’re not just a business; we’re a community-driven mission. Our roots are deep in Yerington, NV, and our vision is clear: to bring about meaningful change, both environmentally and socially.

Our flagship initiative is a vibrant food cart pod and a year-round open-air farmers market, set to become a hub for the community. From delicious culinary offerings, intriguing retail vendors, educational booths to the warmth of a fire pit and the rhythm of live music, we aim to enrich Yerington’s cultural and gastronomic landscape.

But our impact doesn’t stop there. At the heart of Embers & Elders is our commitment to the elderly. We offer free or low-cost property cleanup, maintenance, and consulting services, with priority given to those over 80 living alone, especially those who heat with wood. Every year, a share of our wood is donated to the elderly, ensuring they remain warm and cared for.

As for our products, our market offers retail bundles of firewood, kindling, smoker chips, and the unique Swedish torches. Expanding our reach, we aim to supply other retail locations with our products, ensuring warmth and comfort spread far and wide.

Embers & Elders is more than a business; it’s a promise to Yerington, to its past, present, and future.

Our broader vision encompasses restoring Yerington’s history… Read More