Joe Newsome

Our broader vision encompasses restoring Yerington’s history, ensuring clean drinking water for all residents, rejuvenating the landscape with more trees to combat desertification, and fostering a community where every individual thrives.

Joe Newsome – Our founder & chairman came from the bustling lanes of sales to the serene corners of Yerington, his journey has been a medley of diverse experiences and invaluable learnings. Rooted in a sales & customer service background, he expanded his horizons to property management, construction, and now, community-driven initiatives in Yerington, NV.

The evolution saw a boy selling candy bars becoming an entrepreneur investing in historical properties and transforming them.

“My passion extends beyond business, diving deep into hobbies like investing, community service, DIY projects, off-roading, and foraging. Camping under the stars or exploring the rich tapestry of Yerington’s history, every moment is an opportunity to learn and grow. But my heart lies in Embers & Elders, an endeavor that embodies my commitment to community, environment, and heritage.” Mr. Joe Newsome